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Bitcoin Currency to Bpay

There's always been a limit to how you can spend your Bitcoin currency. At Round The Block, there are several ways you can pay bills with Bitcoin. A few companies accept Bitcoin, but most require you to pay with AUD currency. Other methods include purchasing gift cards or making bank transfers to convert your Bitcoin into AUD. One of the easiest and flexible ways to use your Bitcoin to pay your bills is to first pay BPAY with Bitcoin.

The Convenience of BPAY, and More!

BPAY is considered Australia’s preferred way to pay bills. BPAY is short for “Bill Payment” and Australians use the method more than any other to pay their bills online. It allows them to transfer funds electronically from their bank accounts to the companies they owe money to. Many businesses throughout Australia offer BPAY to make paying easier for their customers. It allows users to pay their bills with a cheque, savings, or credit card account.

Who Accepts BPAY Payments?

Businesses that accept BPAY display the logo and Biller Code on their billing statements. Users enjoy even more convenience by paying their bills using their mobile phone. With Round The Block’s transfer Bitcoin to BPAY service, you can now pay BPAY with Bitcoin for even greater convenience. .

Some people use Bitcoin to make online purchases without the need to submit personal information. It’s easy, safe, and affordable. Many people decided to invest in Bitcoin because of its initial popularity. In either case, people often find themselves lacking the money they need to pay their bills while they have Bitcoin available that their billers won’t accept. If you need to pay your bills with Bitcoin or you no longer want to retain your investment, paying BPAY with Bitcoin might be a good option for you. The process is easy, and it lets you enjoy the advantages of BPAY.

Avoid High Fees with Round The Block

When you use Round The Block to make a Bitcoin to bank account transfer, there are no worries over hidden fees. We don’t charge any fees and our competitive exchange rates help you get more money in your bank account that you can spend anywhere. You know the price for the Bitcoin to bank transfer before you make it. Just make sure you check with your coin exchange provider to determine if they charge fees for sending the digital Bitcoin currency.

Use Round The Block today and learn all the benefits we offer when you use our service.