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Bitcoin Currency to AUD

If you have Bitcoin currency that you need to spend, you may already know it isn’t as easy as spending Australian currency. At Round The Block, making a Bitcoin bank transfer is an easy solution. All you have to do to complete a transfer from Bitcoin to a bank account is enter the amount in AUD.

Our online transfer tool provides the equivalent in Bitcoin currency. Provide your bank account name, BSB number, and your bank account number. Add the transfer to your cart and create an account with Round The Block if you don’t already have one. Once you have an account set up, you're ready to transfer Bitcoin into your bank account.

You can opt for a Bitcoin to bank account transfer, or pay with a range of digital currency types as provided on our list. We’ll send you an email confirmation immediately after you submit the transaction.

Avoid High Fees with Round The Block

When you use Round The Block to make a Bitcoin to bank account transfer, there are no worries over hidden fees. We don’t charge any fees and our competitive exchange rates help you get more money in your bank account that you can spend anywhere. You know the price for the Bitcoin to bank transfer before you make it. Just make sure you check with your coin exchange provider to determine if they charge fees for sending the digital Bitcoin currency.

Cash in the Bank Without the Middleman

You can’t transfer your money directly from your Bitcoin wallet into your bank account. Like any other type of currency, you must convert it into one that your bank accepts. First, you must sell your Bitcoin and then deposit the AUD currency into your bank. At Round The Block, we cut out the middleman and reduce the costs and frustration of going through a multi-step process.

If you like the idea of having money in your bank account that you can spend as you please, use Round The Block today. There’s no easier way to transfer Bitcoin to your bank account.