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Bitcoin Gift Cards

Bitcoin is often difficult to use in a traditional marketplace. Many retailers will only accept luxury items in exchange for BTC tokens, not daily necessities, and many retailers won’t accept Bitcoin at all. This is what makes buying gift cards with Bitcoin such a great idea - it adds an extra level of flexibility to the currency.

Why buy gift cards with Bitcoin at Round The Block?

One option people have is to exchange their Bitcoin with an ATM or exchange service for a different, more expensive currency. The problem is that the rates of use of Bitcoin ATMs are constantly changing. Users can finally pay a large portion of their bitcoin value for the services. You can search for online retailers who still accept Bitcoin as payment. Of course, this limits what you can buy and how much you must pay. Shopping for Bitcoin retailers limits your ability to compare prices and choose your best option. If you decide instead to use a Bitcoin exchange service, it’s easy to end up paying fees without realising the actual cost. It’s impossible to guess whether Bitcoin will grow or fall in the future. The newness of the cryptocurrency means we haven’t had a chance to learn about its shortfalls or potential. Meanwhile, people who own Bitcoin need more options for using what they already have. When you buy gift cards with Bitcoin at Round The Block, you instantly gain access to many major retailers. One option we offer is the Flexi eGift card that you can exchange for cards and vouchers from a range of major retailers. Another option is to buy a gift card for one or more of your favourite stores. Use Round The Block and see how easy and convenient it is to spend your Bitcoin your way!