What is Round The Block?

A simple and secure payments portal for you to exchange digital currency into gift cards, pay bills/credit cards or cash out to an Australian bank account.

How do I use it?

1) Select the item you'd like order - BPay Bill, Bank Withdrawal, eGift Card

2) Confirm the details, such as biller code/reference number, BSB and account number or the eGift cards and denominations you wish to purchase.

3) Add items to your cart and once you have all the items, select "Checkout"

4) A payment screen will appear with a unique Wallet Address and QR Code to pay for your order

5) Send your nominated cryptocurrency to the wallet address on the payments page or QR code - You'll need to send it from your current wallet, your current wallet provider will ask you to paste in the wallet address you are sending to and may have additional steps to verify this transaction. 

6) Confirm your transaction, we'll send you a confirmation email once the payment is received and once the order is fulfilled the order status will update to "Fulfilled". Orders are processed as quickly as a few minutes but may take longer. 

Note: We are not a wallet to hold your cryptocurrency. We recommend you maintain the keys to your own wallet to keep your cryptocurrency safe. We are simply a payment gateway for you to use your cryptocurrency in everyday situations. 

I'm having trouble using your service or I don't understand it? Help? 

If you're having any difficulties please contact us via email or on Facebook Messenger. We are available by emailing contact@roundtheblock.com.au or via Facebook Messenger by Clicking Here

The exchange I'm sending from has the following error "The address you submitted is not valid for the LTC network."

In Litecoin, to avoid confusion with Bitcoin, all 3-addresses have corresponding M-addresses, which is the preferred format. This means that whether you send LTC to the M- version or 3- version of the address, it is the same key accessing the funds.

We use M-addresses to minimise risk of deposit error. If your exchange or wallet does NOT support M-addresses, please convert it and send to the 3-address instead.

To easily convert between the standard 3-prefix P2SH address format to M-prefix, you can use this open source tool provided by the Litecoin Foundation: https://litecoin-project.github.io/p2sh-convert/

Help! My Exchange or Wallet Won't Let Me Send BCH to CashAddr format addresses

Tool to convert address formats: https://cashaddr.bitcoincash.org/

In Bitcoin Cash, to avoid confusion with Bitcoin, all legacy addresses that start with 1 have a corresponding address whose payload starts with q (or bitcoincash:q if you are including the network prefix & separator). This new structure is called the CashAddr format which is the preferred address style in BCH.

What fee/s do you charge?

We don't charge any fees, the price you see is what you get. We make our money from currency spread. Your exchange may charge you a fee to send certain digital currency, we recommend you check with your coin exchange provider. Please ensure you account for this fee when making any transactions.

I've completed my transaction but my rewards points and status credits haven't appeared?

Rewards Points and Status Credits may take up to 5 business days to appear in your account. If your points haven't appeared after 5 business days please contact us contact@roundtheblock.com.au

Which exchange rate do you use?

To view our current exchange rate please click here. You can also view the exchange rate on your specific order in your Cart

What does “Round The Block” mean?

When you use digital currency, you’re using the blockchain network. We’ve developed services to allow you to send your digital currency around the blockchain network. We’re from Melbourne, Australia and the colloquialism ‘round the block references our service pretty well.

How do I pay my credit card bill using Round The Block?

The simplest way is typically via BPAY. Enter your credit card company’s biller code and reference number. In most cases, the reference number will be your credit card number. If you’re unsure, we recommend you contact your financial insitution to verify the details.

What payment limits do you impose?

$1,000 per gift card transaction

$50,000 per BPAY transaction

$50,000 to an Australian bank account

However, you can pay more than the imposed limits above if you simply create multiple payments/transactions.

Please Note: Any transactions above these daily maximums will be paid out over a matter of transactions at the maximum transaction limit. E.G. If you request to pay $2,000 to BPay it will be paid over 2 separate payments.

Which bills am I able to pay?

Any bill which offers you a BPAY biller code and reference number, any credit card using their biller code (generally your credit card number is used as the reference number), any biller who will allow you to pay your bill using BSB and account number.

Most billers won’t allow bills to be pay via gift cards, we recommend you speak with your biller before using gift cards to make payment.

Do I need to sign up?

We can only accept payments from verified users. It’s quick and easy to sign up here

I can’t get verified using my passport/licence, what ID can I send to get verified?

I can’t get verified using my passport/licence, what ID can I send to get verified?

Due to legislation we require sufficient proof of your identity. 100 points of ID is desired. We recommend you send us a valid photo ID card such as a drivers licence or passport, as well as a bill to your registered address. If we require more we’ll let you know. For a breakdown on what is typically needed to confirm 100 points of ID, click here https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/Licensing/Documents/100-points-identification-guidelines.pdf Please send all supporting documents to contact@roundtheblock.com.au

How soon until my bill is paid?

We will send you a confirmation within moments of you submitting your payment. Once your payment has been received, your transaction will generally be finalised within 1-2 business days, however, make take a long as 3-5 business days in rare circumstances, we aim to have transactions finalised within 24 hours.

What if there is a problem or the biller tells me I haven’t paid the bill?

If the bill hasn’t been paid after 7 business days we encourage you to contact us and allow us to follow up with your biller. Please send us the confirmation link or Order ID as well as the Biller Code and we will follow up with the relevant financial institution/s.

Do you have an internal dispute resolution process?

Yes. We have a customer centric approach and try to resolve issues as painlessly as possible. If you have a dispute, please contact us as soon as possible.

For more information on how to contact us regarding a dispute as well as information on our internal dispute resolution process, please view here

How do I use your referral program?

Simply pass on your referral code to anyone you like. They will need to visit our website via that link. You must ensure they have cookies enabled, otherwise your referral code won’t work.

For full T’s & C’s on our referral program please view them here

Where do I find your legal documents?

You can view our legal links, including our disclosure statement, privacy statement and referral program T’s & C’s by clicking here