Unlock further privileges and rewards with Status Credits. 

Status credits determine your Round The Block Membership Tier and as such, will influence the benefits you receive on earning rewards points and additional status tier benefits. Status credits are designed to make our service a more rewarding experience. It's important to note that Status Credits are different to Rewards Points, and that you can earn both at the same time the more you use our service. 

All Round The Block members start without any status. Once $1,000 is converted through our service, the Bronze Status is unlocked. Our Status tiers require certain status credits to increase tier. The status credits required to increase Status may change from time to time as will the rewards when increasing status.

Status credits reset on a floating year basis. This means that your Status Tier is representative of your previous 12 months worth of transactions and don't accrue indefinitely. 

Status credits cannot be transferred to another Round The Block member, nor are they redeemable for cash, cryptocurrency or any other form of payment. 

Round The Block reserves the right to update Status Tiers at their discretion. 

Round The Block reserves the right to revoke Status Tier points if the user is deemed to have used Round The Block's service for unethical or unlawful activity.